Test post of Squarespace 7 content management interface

Filename: template-7b-white-2g.jpg

Filename: template-7b-white-2g.jpg

Squarespace 7 has just been announced, and I'm using the Beta version now to give it a whirl.  Writing is simple and editing is intuitive.  Adding images, not so much.  Must read the instructions!

Addition: 11/25/14.  Experiment with Native template. Added image as per instructions.

Addition: 11/26/14. Experiment with Avenue template, which has a blog-page sidebar.  Dates also appear at the top of each blog post. 

What's in a Logo?

Chung Fu , Insight

Chung Fu, Insight

People ask what my logo means, and I have to admit that the idea came to me one day in the shower.  This six-barred symbol represents Chung Fu, the number 61 in the I Ching.  The three upper bars represent Sun, Persistence of the Wind, representing abundance.  The lower three bars stand for Tui, Joyous Lake, symbol of creativity.  Written together, abundance over creativity, they represent Insight.